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I’ve been studying and practicing yoga and its philosophies as a Yoga Instructor since 2012. Today, I am fortunate enough to share all that I’ve learned with you through life as a student and as a teacher. I believe that if you love life, life will love you right back! I have been practicing yoga for over 19 years. I completed my 500hr RYT in November 2014 under Kim Manfredi and Charm City Yoga now YogaWorks. Yoga has become not just a part of my life but how I live my life, on and off the mat. I love to eat and cook healthy plant based meals to ensure that my body is prepared to take on each day,  physically and mentally. I look forward to sharing my knowledge of yoga and how it transforms into your everyday life with you all. The joy of yoga is it is designed to work for your body, never against it. Through yoga and meditation I have learned that the love you find within yourself will only get stronger. With that love you have no choice but to share with all other living beings. Om shanti shanti shanti


Elizabeth Leigh Yoga

As a Yoga Instructor since 2013, my goal has been to help your body and mind connect. Situated in the Maryland and Washington D.C. area I incorporate a variety of traditional practices in movement, breath, and meditation to help each student practice their own unique form of yoga. Are you ready to make a positive change in your lifestyle? Contact Me.


My Classes

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Monday Yoga Classes

Monday:Soul Science Wellness Center: 9:45-11:00am  Static Stretching & Refreshing Movement Flow (Yin/Yang) 11:30-12:00pm LIght Movement & Meditation
Fit2Shine Studio: 4:30-5:30pm beginner yoga and 5:45-6:45pm Yoga level 2

Tuesday Yoga classes 

Fit2Shine Studio: 9:30-10:30am all levels flow 
Sol Yoga: 6:30-7:45 level 2 hot flow 

Wednesday Yoga Classes 

Sol Yoga: 6:30-7:30am yoga flow level 2 
Luna Yoga: 9:00-9:20am meditation 9:30-10:30am yoga level 2 

Thursday Yoga Classes 

Fit2Shine Studio: 9:30-10:30am all levels flow 


Our thoughts impact our lives more than we know, our words will never leave once they are spoken and our hearts are the only things that we should use when “seeing” another person and of course ourselves. 

Elizabeth Leigh

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